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Latest release0.6.1 / June 25th, 2006
OSGnu/Linux / Mac OS X / BeOS
TypeBitTorrent Client

Transmission is a very simple and easy to use BitTorrent client which comes with both a cli and BitTorrent interface.


[edit] Very, very simple

The Transmission GTK GUI is very simple (total KISS). It's preferences is limited to the very basics:

  • Upload/Download speed limits
  • Where to place the downloaded file
  • Listening port
  • And what to do with aborted torrent files

And that's actually it when it comes to available settings.

The GUI itself is equally limited:

  • Add a torrent,
  • Start it,
  • Stop it,
  • Remote it,
  • or view the details (Properties) of a transfer

The Transmission GUI will pull down a .torrent for you, and give you no fuzz, and that's it. It lacks all the "advanced" features found in other BitTorrent clients.

Transmission-0.6.1 gui-download.png

A good feature is that Transmission does not use much resources.

[edit] The CLI interface

transmissioncli allows you to download from a shell account or your local terminal. You can set upload/download rate and port from the command line, and that's it.

transmissioncli will pull down the file for you, no fuzz, but it does not come close to the features the pure-CLI BitTorrent client RTorrent has. RTorrent also seems to be way more efficient at high transfer speeds.

A nice command line feature is torrent sniffing, transmissioncli -s will print counts of seeders/leechers and exit. This feature has one major lack, it will only read local files (Unlike TorrentSniff, it accepts URLs, pulls down the .torrent and checks it).

[edit] Missing features

Everything, except basic torrent downloading.. and that's enough for some hot-blond-chicks and probably also enough for some geeks.

Transmission is very user-friendly in there being absolutely nothing that could confuse a total n00b in the GUI (Typical of GNOME), which menas it's user-unfriendly for l33t users who sometimes think "friendly" means "making dozens of options available to the user so the user can actually do what the user wants to do" (Typcail of KDE).

However, you can't create .torrents or manually add trackers to .torrents - and so on.

[edit] Download


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