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Rtorrent is the best command line ncurses BitTorrent downloader available for the The GNU Operating System.


[edit] Introduction

rTorrent is a pure C++ program based on the libTorrent libraries. The goal of the project is to make a program with good, clean code and high performance, high performance meaning less resource usage. And they have succeeded well. The libTorrent library is unique in transferring the data directly from the file pages to the network stack. rTorrent has a ncurses interface and is, like all ncurses programs, best used in screen or dtach.

[edit] Efficiency


rTorrent is by far the most effective BitTorrent client in the world. It has no problems pushing 8200+ KB/s of data (it hit about 12000 KB/s right before taking this screenshot..).

[edit] Look and feel

rtorrent is the cli equivalent of Azureus. It allows you to have numerous torrents open, add torrents, pause torrents and remove torrents.

It's just like the fancy GUI BitTorrent programs except for the fact that it runs in a terminal window and barely uses resources.

[edit] Features

rTorrent allows you to save your session (so all your running torrents are opened the next time you start the program). It also allows you to partially download files from a torrent.

Navigation is done using the arrow keys. Pressing right on a selected torrent gives a detailed list of the files in the torrent where you can set priotity of the files within it or inform that you do not want given files to be downloaded.

  • You can at any time reduce the rtorrent's bandwidth limit width z, x and c and increase it with a, s d.
  • You can at any time stop or pause a torrent by pressing ctrl-d and restart it by pressing ctrl-s. Just press ctrl-d twice or ctrl-d once on a stopped torrent to remove it from rtorrent.

Rtorrent fileinfo.jpg

[edit] The verdict

rTorrent is probably the best BitTorrent program on the planet. The reason is that it barely uses any resources and has all the features of the best GUI X11 BitTorrent programs like [Azureus]].

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