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KTorrent running on a KDE4 session.
Developed byJoris Guisson, Ivan Vasić
Written inC++ (Qt)
OSUnix-like, Mac OS X, Windows[1]
TypeBitTorrent client
LicenseGNU General Public License

KTorrent is a KDE BitTorrent client written in C++. It's alright, but it's slow and inefficient on high-bandwidth links and it's also based on a graphical user interface, which obviously is nothing of value compared to a good cli interface.


[edit] Ease of abuse

KTorrents user interface has a search button which lets you search for interesting content abusing all major BitTorrent searchengines. The searches are limited to one searchengine at a time, there are many to choose from but Isohunt is there and it lets you download everything.

[edit] Download speeds

It is slow and bloat. This won't be noticed on slow links, but if you have a slow box and a fast internet pipe then forget it.

[edit] Features

  • BitTorrent protocol encryption
  • Peer exchange, supports both DHT and PEX
  • Web interface plugin with default port number 8080
  • IPv6 support
  • Generation and parsing of magnet links
  • Port forwarding with UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
  • Upload and download speed capping / throttling & scheduling
  • Internet searching with torrent search engines using KHTML part.
  • Support for UDP trackers.
  • Plugins:
  • DHT (mainline version), and support for trackerless torrents
  • File Prioritization
  • Ability to import partially-downloaded files
  • Directory scanner to automatically watch directories for new torrents
  • Manual addition of trackers to torrents
  • RSS feed support
  • µTP support
  • SOCKS v4 and v5 support
    • IP-based blocklist

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