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Linux Reviews exists to promote the glorious Open Source operation system called "Linux".

This website exists to provide as much promotion material and accurate documentation for the Linux operation system.

We are convinced GNU and Open Source is the best means humanity has to exercise the right to freely choose exactly what software code they install and run on their computer. Linux can give you the freedom to exactly what your computer does when, and why.

Closed source software will lock you to a single vendor forever. It will jail you. It will allow a single corporation to abuse you and dominate you.

You will inevitably, be forced to negotiate with someone who only cares how they can squeeze you for profit if you choose closed source software.

Linux is Open Source. Linux is very good for you. Explore this Wiki to find out why!

[edit] Copyright Policy

You are granted permission to use content from this Wiki.

Linuxreviews previous story regarding Copyright was this: "You can recycle the content under GNU Copyleft, GNU FDL and Creative Commons - or any other license for that matter. See our general disclaimer for more information."

After very little consideration, we have found that information wants to be free and that, frankly, NU Free Documentation License 1.2 is very good but has limits. Thus; the new Copyright policy is this:

All content on this website is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Do NOT submit anything that is not already Public Domain OR made by you and and granted to Public Domain.

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