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You have no Privacy when using this website.

  • The IP used when you visit this website logged. This IP will much likely be your IP and can much likely be used to identify you.
  • These logs are stored for up to 24 hours. They can sieze the servers and find out that you are using, or are interested in using, GNU/Linux. "He's using Linux!! GET HIM!!.
  • The IP used with editing this website without bein logged in will be publicly displayed in the pages "history" pages. Thus; You should connect anonymously using Tor OR log in before editing pages.

[edit] You are tracked using JavaScript and third-party images

  • Advertisements who are served from advertisers webpages also track you. These advertisement requests are much likely logged and most likely stored for too long periods of time.
  • Advertisements who are served using JavaScript will also much likely track you and can track information about your screen resolution, OS and other information.
    • This website DOES NOT require Javascript. You only need JavaScript to view advertisements.
    • You can filter away (evil) JavaScript by using Privoxy as a proxy for your webbrowser.
  • You can connect anonymously using Tor. We, our sponsors - or anyone else - are unable to find out who you are if you visit this website using Tor.

[edit] In bullet summary, you should know

  • Linuxreviews does not want any information about you. We also do not want to store any information about you.
  • Linuxreviews sponsors want to know everything about you, store it indefinately and regularly analyze it.
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