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LinuxReviews is a wiki with reviews of primarily free as in freedom software programs, apps and distributions. You can find and share reviews of free software, proprietary software that runs on free operating systems, computer hardware and korean pop music. You can also read or share experiences with the GNU World Order and conspire on how to user it in. All we need is the right major proprietary software exploit causing the right major crisis and the nations will be forced to accept the GNU World Order.

Desktop Reviews

"I used to be upset when gnome developers decided it was "too complicated" for the user to remap some mouse buttons. In gnome3, the developers have apparently decided that it's "too complicated" to actually do real work on your desktop, and have decided to make it really annoying to do."

-Linus Torvalds on GNOME 3.

HOT TIP: Try ktouch if you do not know how to type using the touch-system. Learning the touch-system will let you type a whole lot faster. It's worth it.

GNU/Linux distributions

  • Gentoo Just install Gentoo
  • Ubuntu Easy to use n00b distribution. If you're a n00b then Ubuntu is probably the best choice for you. You should obviously install gentoo anyway.
  • Linux Mint This is a dumbed down fork of Ubuntu. If you own any Apple products then this is probably for you.
  • Arch Linux Gentoo-like distribution. Breaks your computer all the time. If you want to spend more time maintaining than using your computer then this is for you.

Desktop Environments

  • XFCE is the obvious choice if you want a clean desktop with a sane window-manager. This desktop lets you focus on the tasks you want to do. "It just works.". Hordes of GNOME users switched to XFCE when GNOME 3 came about.
  • Fluxbox is another great chioce.
  • KDE may be used if you spend ages configuring it.
  • GNOME 3 is a big joke by developers who think a cellphone-like OS has a place on a desktop computer

Korean pop music

  • Dreamcatcher is a very talented group with catchy rock songs.

Bittorrent Software

Recommended Video Editing Softwarez

  • Video editing software <- This article SERIOUSLY needs some attention. How can we ask sexy hot blond Windows-using females to submit to the GNU World Order if we can't offer them a great video editing alternative for their YouTube attention-wh0re needs?

Recommended Television Software

  • Livestation is NOT FREE, but it does allow you to experience RT, BBC & Bloomberg mind-control

Utterly Useless Free Flash Player Alternatives

  • Gnash plays close to zero percent of the flash things you want to play.
  • Lightspark lets you view even less.

Recommended Security Software

  • Tor lets you browse the Internet anonymously.
  • nmap is a great tool for testing your own security.

Top Emulation / Compatibility Software

Recommended Editors

  • This subject is highly religious. We are not about to go anywhere near this subject.
  • The war between emacs and vi(m) will probably not be resolved any time soon.

Media Players

  1. Xine
  2. VLC media player
  3. Totem
  4. Kaffeine
  5. MPlayer
  6. GMPlayer
  7. KMplayer

Web browsers

Konqueror | Seamonkey | Arora | Firefox | Opera


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