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RSS feeds are feeds generated from blogs and websites who allow you to follow the activity on many sites in one simple overview.

[edit] Why RSS?

It allows you to get a glance at a huge number of sites from one application. There are many other reaons why you should have a RSS feed on your site: It not only makes it simpler for readers to follow your site, it also makes it simple for search-engines, web-pages generated automatically, and so on, to follow your site.

[edit] Stand-alone RSS Feed reader applications

Liferea is a great RSS reader based on GNOME.
  • Liferea
    • A very nice GNOME feed reader with all the features you'd expect from a feed reader. Clean and simple, yet it has all the features of a modern RSS feed reader.

[edit] Webserver-based RSS Feed readers

  • AmphetaDesk
    • Serves HTML pages with RSS summaries on a built-in webserver. Hasn't been developed since 2002 and lacks features like search, and isn't really a RSS reader, but the concept is immensily cool. Made in Perl.

RSS feed readers

Akregator | AmphetaDesk | Liferea

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