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Developed byAkregator developers
Latest release1.2.5 / January 25th, 2007
TypeNews Aggregator

Akregator a RSS news-feed reader made for the KDE desktop environment. It has been included in the KDEPIM package since KDE 3.4.


[edit] Features

RSS feeds can easily be added and feeds can be sorted in folders (categories). Feeds from one category can be shown as a list of entries as if they were one feed.

It's possible to search the headlines the titles all the entries in all the feeds it knows about.

There is no "overview" feature with a list of all or most of the RSS feeds available on the Internet, so you'll have to add feeds as you see them on websites (most sites do have some kind of RSS feed these days).

[edit] Buildt-in browser

Akregator allows you configure it to open the RSS news items in any installed browser. It also includes a tabbed browser which uses KHTML, which is basically like a in-framed built-in stripped-down Konqueror.

[edit] KDE "integration"

Many of the developers involved in both KDE and GNOME have some strange illusion that people somehow use those bloated piles of dung as their desktop environment. This makes these people add configuration settings from the desktop environments global configuraiton to their applications, and - sadly - Akregator is no different.

Settings such as proxy settings are taken from the global settings configured in KDE Control Center. (See Why global configuration options is a bad idea).

Akregator - tabbed browser.png

[edit] Official story

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