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MPD screenshot

The Music Player Daemon is a really neat audio player which runs in the background and accepts commands from a (remote) front-end. It features a music database and a playlist and can be controlled by a variety of front-ends, including web-frontends, console apps and GUI's.


[edit] The idea

The idea is that you can make a very light dedicated box which is connected to your stereo, or just run the daemon locally, and then control the player from any compatible front-end from a remote system. There are web, console and GUI programs for controlling the MPD.

[edit] Features

It's features include:

  • A music database
  • Playlist
  • Optional logging
  • Optional password protection
  • Multiple audio outputs
    • Icecast (network streaming)
    • ALSA
    • OSS
  • On the fly volume normalization
  • Proxy and buffering when playing remote streams

[edit] Drawbacks

You have to configure a "music" directory in /etc/mpd.conf[1] where all your music is stored. This has to be readable to the user the daemon is running as (usually mpd). The obvious drawback is that mpd doesn't allow you to place some files in /foo/here and other in /bar/there.

-- WRONG -- it actually does, all you have to do is place SYMLINKS in the configured directory that lead to the actual music!

ln -s <target> <linkname>

e.g.: ln -s /home/yourmomma/Music/ yourmommaMusic

after that just refresh your database

[edit] Front-ends

There are numerous good front-end programs which allow you to control MPD.

GMPC seems to be the obvious choice. We realize the arrogance of this statement and feel compelled to mention that Sonata is a good alternative.

[edit] References

  1. mpd.conf manual page

[edit] Links

Music Player Daemon


Graphical clients

Sonata GNOME 8
Gnome Music Player Client GNOME 5
Glurp GTK+-2.x 1
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