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Developed byWine Team
Latest release1.7.26 / September 5 2014
OSLinux, other Unix-like systems
TypeCompatibility layer
LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License

The Wine project aims to allow any PC running a Unix-like operating system and the X Window System to use programs originally written for various versions of Microsoft Windows. It can also be used to port a Windoze application to a Unix-like system by compiling it against Wine libraries.[1]


[edit] Current State of Affairs

WINE can run most older and simpler 32-bit Windows programs just fine. A lot of modern commercial software like SierraChart works perfectly.

WINE will fail miserably on more advanced software made for newer versions of Windows. You will run into problems if you try to execute anything which runs .net.

Microsoft Office 2003 and Adobe Photoshop 7 work just fine.

[edit] The name: "Wine Is Not an Emulator"

Wine is a free software implementation of the Windows API. It does not emulate anything. Software written to run using the Windows API which does not use system calls should run just as fast or faster than they do on Windows.[2]

The API implementation is not complete. The APIs are supposed to do what the Windows implementation do, but they don't always do that. Indeed many of them can not, because they are implemented as four-line long stubs.

[edit] Native DLLs

It is possible to use native Windows DLLs instead of those built into Wine for increased compatibility with the Windows software you want to run.

[edit] Configuration

Wine comes with a configuration tool called "winectl". You can run a "control panel" with "wine control".

Configuration files are by default stored in $HOME/.wine

You can use the variable WINEPREFIX= to have multiple WINE installations for various purposes. You can for example make specialized WINE setups for important single applications and run them something like this:

WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-sierrachart wine $HOME/.wine-sierrachart/drive_c/SierraChart/SierraChart.exe

[edit] Gentoo specific problems which may affect other systems

WINE works in the 32-bit world when running those 32-bit Wintendo binaries and this will cause issues on 64-bit systems.

If you compile your system and app-emulation/wine with ABI_X86="-32" then packages like app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs will be pulled and those libraries will break a lot of WINE functionality. If you compile everything including libpng with ABI_X86="32 64 -x32" then PNG related things work fine. If you do not and use libpng from emul-linux-x86 then shit breaks badly.

[edit] Linkz

  1. Official website:
  2. Debunking Wine Myths
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