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Lennart Poettering is a Red Hat developer who is partly responsible (probably) for the demise of Red Hat into its NSA-like practices and shit contributions to the Linux kernel, but more so he is responsible for systemd and PulseAudio, which are commonly referred as the biggest mistakes in Linux history. His main goal is take Linux (starting with RHEL and Fedora) and turn it into his own shitty Operating System that's infected with syphilisd, PulseAsscrackle, and recently, his own shitty filesystem that of course has great systemd integration! He is known for his anti-Unix views, calling BSD a toy and saying it's holding back FOSS software[1]. He also hates another well known Unix software called OSS, that despite being 1000 times better than his own shitty creation, claims that "OSS is a simplistic 90's style audio stack. I doesn't really have any relevance for what you need for a modern desktop."[2].

"...doesn't really have any relevance for what you need for a modern desktop."

[edit] In a Nutshell

Lennart wants to remove the *nix in Linux, and simply call it LennartOS that borrows "wonderful" features from Windows and MacOS X. No one should care about that Unix crap, at least that's what this idiot thinks.

[edit] References

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  2. http://linuxfr.org/nodes/86687/comments/1249943
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