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"Pulse is the single worst Linux move I've ever seen. In the interest of removing audio from the kernel space (necessary for low-latency), it simply eliminated what used to be advanced capabilities. Lennart Poettering, author of Pulse simply disregarded these concerns, waved his hands and said "that's not the concerns Pulse was designed to address!"

[edit] Why People Use PulseAudio

Some people might use PulseAudio for a number of reason:

1) Mainstream support wit*CRACKLE CRACKLE*.

2) They don't understand what JACK or OSS is.

3) They're an idiot.

[edit] Reasons Not to Use PulseAudio

1) Rapes your CPU.

2) Tends to fu*CRACKLE CRACKLE*

3) Wants you to use systemd.

4) The developer behind it is a worthless dickhead who won't even give a fuck about you while other developers like those behind OSS will do whatever it takes to help you.


[edit] How to Improve PulseAudio

1) Uninstall it and use OSS or JACK w/ ALSA instead.

2) Tell distro maintainers not to ship it.

3) Tell developers not to use it.

4) Tell Lennart why he should stop making software.

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