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Konqueror is a webbrowser, filemanager and much more which makes up a essential piece of the KDE desktop. It works in any desktop/window manager as long as the kde libraries are installed.


[edit] The browser

Konqueror is the only usable open-source web browser available for Linux now that Seamonkey and Firefox - and the rest of the Gecko-based browsers - have become so CPU-hugging, so overall slow and so full of memory leaks that they are not even worth trying.

[edit] The filemanager

The filemanager is alright, but it's more a file launcher than a file manager. It's great for clicking on files to open them in some application, but it's totally unproductive compared to the GNU Midnight Commander or plain cp/mv in a shell if moving files around is what you desire to do.

[edit] In bullet summary, we know..

Konqueror is a nice web browser and a alright filemanager. You need KDE to use it. Hot redheads apparently like it. Brunettes think it's alright. Hot blond chicks were not available to share their opinion.

[edit] The Browser

[edit] Howto add search-engine shortcuts

You can add any search-engine to Konqueror at the settings tab accessable through

Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Web shortcuts

The search URI must contain \{@} where the search keyword(s) are supposed to go, for example:


The "Search URI" should be a few letters who identify the search-engine. These can be used in Konqueror by typing shortcut: keywords. If you assign s to scroogle then you can simply type

s: keyword1 keyword2

in the "Location"-bar to search for these keywords using the Scroogle Google scrapper.

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