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Developed byTroy Corbin Jr and Alexander Wels
Latest release0.6.4-beta / February 6th, 2005
TypeChess game

Knights is probably the best chess game interface available today. It requires KDE 3.x libraries, supports the XBoard protocol - which means it supports all the common chess engines available - and it has a easy interface for connecting to chess servers where you can find worthy (and n00b) adversaries to play against.


[edit] Look and feel

Knights can be eye-candy, it comes with 15 board themes and 15 chess-figure themes which allows you to make the (2D) board look almost exactly how you like it.

[edit] Computer opponents

Both the XBoard and the UCI protocols are supported, which means you can play against all the common chess engines such as Crafty and Gnuchess.

[edit] Internet Chess Servers

It comes with a big list of chess servers you can connect to in order to find a (supposedly) human opponent to play against. It's been said that some users on chess servers are actually experimental chess engines, but the chance of coming accross one of them is supposedly slim.

[edit] Load and save

Knights also supports loading and saving games, so you can keep them for future reference and learn from your mistakes.

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