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Flock is a Gecko-based (Firefox/ web browser designed to interact with web services such as photo sharing services, blogging services and so on better than normal web browsers by providing extra features just for specific services.

[edit] Why you'd want Flock

Well, the following factual information about Flock version 0.7.11 should give you a clear indication of who Flock's designed for:

  • The default bookmarks included are: MySpace, MTV and YouTube.

[edit] What's it about? Meet Flock, the BigBrother(tm)

Flock's RSS reader

Flock is basically Mozilal Firefox with lots of extra features. Such as a great RSS reader. This RSS reader gives you clean "Front page" web page with the latest RSS headlines. Feeds can be sorted in categories, and the categories are presented as "pages" for that category. It's actually a pretty slick RSS reader compared to the alternatives.

But. It must be mentioned that "Add News Feeds" has an option called "Flock picks"

[edit] Security

Flock's installer really wants to install the Flash plug-in. It also by defaults enabled hazardous things like Java and JavaScript and sets the cookie experation time to the timelimit the cookie asks for (which is usually close to a lifetime).

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