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Seamonkey is the browser from the Mozilla Corporation called "Mozilla" which is renamed and basically destroyed by adding donkey-dung.

[edit] Last usable version

Seamonkey v1.0 is the last barely usable version of Seamonkey.

Version 1.1 is so crappy that it's almost a total outrage.

SeaMonkey 1.1.2 is currently running in the background with one window open with no tabs, and the window is showing Google's front page. It's using 454 mb virtual and 301 mb resident memory and 99% CPU. Doing.. who knows. Granted, the browser has been running for quite a long time, it did have a whole lot of windows open with lots of tabs open in each of them, but that's history. Now only one window remains. This is why Seamonkey - and all Gecko-based browsers at this point in time - are totally donkey-dung crap: These browsers simply rot and become increasingly rotten the longer they run - until you eventually close the browser. Unlike.. Konqueror and Opera where you can have 20 windows with 20 tabs in them open without the browser using 100% CPU and 300 MB memory when you've closed them all and all that remains is one single page.

[edit] Usage tips

Seamonkey allows you to use different profiles for various purposes. These profiles can be used to prevent Seamonkey from rotting into a pile o glue over time: Different profiles start new Seamonkey instances. Thus; if you start two different profiles instead of opening two windows using one profile then you can close one window and re-start that Seamonkey process and thus partly restore the crappy Seamonkey browsers health without having to close all the windows. Just name one profile "passwords" or something like that and use it for places you login and make a few profiles like "SeamonkeySucks1", "SeamonkeySucks2", "SeamonkeySucks3" etc for all other browsing.

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