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KBattleShip is a KDE battleship clone which is part of the kdegames bundle.


[edit] The Plot

If you don't know how Battleship works: You place your ships on the battlefield, the enemy shots at you and you tell the adversary if they hit something or not. Then it's your turn to shoot and hope you hit one of his ships. The one who hits all the enemy's ships first wins.

It's kind of fun - and more importantly, you can play it anywhere (Battleship, not KBattleship which requires a computer): All you need to do is to draw a board and name the vertical rows A B C, and the horizontal rows 1, 2 3 - so you can play it anywhere as long as you have a pen and a math-book (or any other piece of paper which is already full of squares).

[edit] The MultiPlayer support

KBattleShip allows you to connect to a friend and play against him. It also has chat, so you can distract him and mislead him and tell your enemy to shoot everywhere but at your ships.

However, you need to have a friend who is using GNU/Linux and has the kdegames package installed. One player, which must not be firewalled, starts in server mode, and the other player connects to that player. Like almost all the two-player KDE games: There is no central server you can connect to and find someone to play against; if you don't have a friend who wants to play you then you're screwed and have to play against the computer.

[edit] Development

KBattleShip for KDE 4.x

KBattleShip is being rewritten[1] for KDE 4 using KGameCanvas[2] by Paolo Capriotti.

[edit] References

  1. http://pcapriotti.wordpress.com/2007/03/24/rewriting-kbattleship/ Rewriting KBattleShip]
  2. KGameCanvas
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