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Developed byJohn Ellis
Latest release2.0.2 / October 2006
Preview release2.1.2 / October 2006
TypeImage viewers
LicenseGNU General Public License

GQview is a basic image viewer based on the GTK+ toolkit. It is designed for browsing through folders full of images and elegantly servers that purpose.


[edit] Why GQview rocks

EXIF data, displayed by GQview: Many people are shocked and amazed to find out that their digital camera adds incriminating evidence to every picture they take - which can later be used to identify the exact camera used to take the picture
  • GQview has the basic features you need to browse through huge collections of images:
    • You've got your basic folder tree browser
    • You've got a list of images with thumbnails
    • You've got your window showing the image
    • And.. that's, basically, what you want in a pure image viewer.
  • GQview's keys, when viewing an image, are simple: + and - to change side, * to zoom to fit and Del to delete boring images. And the mousewheel (or PgUp and PgDown) allows you to browse through images.
  • GQview supports most known image formats, including RAW formats
  • GQview supports slideshows, and allows you to configure the time between each image.
  • It allow you to view all the EXIF data for the images, but not EXIF-stored thumbnails.
  • Like all good Linux programs, f allows you to switch to/from fullscreen mode

[edit] The sort-manager

GQview allows you to sort images easily

Ctrl+S gives you the Sort Manager where you can quickly Copy, Move or Link images from the folder you're in to any folder you've put in the Sort Manager (You can drag folders from the tree-view to the Sort Manager).

GQview also supports something called "Collections", which can be created and managed using the Soft Manager, but these collections are stored in ".gqv" files and are not widely supported. Sorting pictures in folders allows you burn them, view them in other programs and so on while .gqv Collections are limited to GQview..

[edit] In bullet summary..

  • GQview is excellent for viewing, and sorting, huge amounts of pictures.

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