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dvd::rip is a DVD backup and encoding program based on the Gtk+ GUI written in Perl. It is probably the best GNU tool for converting DVD discs and images into XviD and DivX media files.

[edit] Features

Dvdrip-0.97.10-cip and zoom.png
dvd::rip will allow you encode DVD discs on the fly, but it is recommended that you copy the DVD image into your harddrive because a) it puts less stress on your DVD-rom and b) some transcode features are not supported when doing on-the-fly encoding.

You can change the video frame size and resolution (4:3, 16:9 etc) when encoding the video files.

You can also rip and all the subtitles on a DVD.

You can choose to rip or encode just a few selected chapters from a DVD, which is nice if you want to encode DVD discs with music videos.

[edit] Encoding options

dvd::rip's interface for encoding videos has almost all the options you could desire.

You can choose

  • Video codec
  • Container format (AVI/OGG/MPEG)
  • Size of the output file (you can set it by size, quality or manually choose bitrate; dvd::rip will then calculate the output file size for you)
  • Audio codec (AC3/MP3), you can also choose audio bitrate

It also has numerous filters you can apply when encoding video, plugins for subtitle overlay etc.


[edit] In bullet summary

dvd::rip is excellent for ripping and encording DVD discs into XviD so you can share them with your friends and strangers on your local friendly P2P network.

The only DVD/encoding-related thing dvd::rip can't do is burn copies of DVD discs; it's a DVD ripper, not a burner.

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