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Worker is dual pane filemanger cloned after Amiga Directory Opus 4.

[edit] Keep it simple

Worker is much like the cli-based GNU Midnight Commander file manager. It is simple, useful and extremely configurable.

You can configure the buttons, colors and options as you want.

Worker is small (in size) and does not depend on KDE or Gnome.

[edit] Drawbacks

  • No drag and drop,
  • No advanced searching.

And not very user-friendly to people with little computer experience (which means that if you are used to working in cli or have used Linux for a while then it's worth trying; however, if you are used to some commercial operating system with bugs and security holes and a nice GUI with fancy colors and effects then you'll probably not like it).

[edit] Take a look


Some people think worker is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't agree, but then again file manager preference is a very personal issue. Worker is highly likely worth trying if you haven't picked a favorite yet.

File managers:

  • Worker
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