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Totem is a excellent media player based on the Xine-backend and the

Gnome user-interface.


[edit] Sweet features

Totem 1.4.2.jpg

  • Xine can play pretty much any audio/video file format, which means Totem

also plays just about everything.

  • Totem has excellent playlist support, where as Xine's own playlist

implementation is.. well, to put it lightly: not very good.

    • The playlist can be played in shuffle mode
  • Totem supports drag and drop from both Gnome (Nautilous etc) and

KDE (Konqueror etc) file-managers.

[edit] so sweet?

It's Gnome. So it has the Gnome file dialog box. This means:

  • The file dialog box is totally crappy.
    • It takes hours to just open a folder with huge number of files (So if you put

all the music files beginning with A in a folder A/ then it takes hours to open

folder A/)

    • You can't delete files (or do anything) from the file dialog box. You also

can't delete files from Totem. So if you want to listen to a bunch of new files

and remove those you don't like then Totem isn't for you.


  • The volume control is limited to up and down (no panning left/right)
  • Totem can not open streams. It does have an option "Movie -> Open Location",

but entering both audio and video stream URLs there does not work.

  • Totem has limited DVD-support: It can play a DVD - as long as it is in

your DVD-rom. Totem can not play ISO images, DVD images stored on your

harddrive and so on.

  • Totem has almost no user-preferences. (It's GNOME, so no configuration

should be expected; GNOME means easy-to-use by allowing you absolutely no

features or options)

[edit] Official story

[edit] The Linuxreviews Verdict

Totem is the best and also the most user-friendly overall media player

available for Linux. It does lack some of the most basic features you would

expect from a media player, but hey. It's GNOME, so you can't expect that


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