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Sphider is a light search-engine package for adding your own search-function to one or a handfull of websites.


[edit] Why you'd want it

It's a pure PHP search-engine which stores the search-data in a MySQL database. It's a typical LAMP application which runs on any *nix server.

[edit] What it's not

It's not designed to be a "near-global" search-engine like YaCy or Google, it's made for a few sites.

The DataparkSearch Engine may be a better choice for a hundred or a thousand websites, Sphider

[edit] Facts

  • Allows you to add a "search" feature to any website(s).
  • It's GNU Software written by Ando Saabas.
  • Runs on any LAMP server.
  • You index your sites manually using a php command (which can be cronned).

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