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Smart Bookmarks are an extended variant of internet bookmark used in web browsers where a variable is added to the bookmarked URL.

By accepting an argument they directly give access to functions of web sites, as opposed to filling web forms at the respective web site for accessing these functions. Smart Bookmarks can be used for web searches, or access to data on web sites with uniformly structured web addresses, e.g. user profiles in a web forum.


[edit] History

Smart Bookmarks first were introduced in OmniWeb on the NEXTSTEP platform in the mid-1990s, and subequently taken up by Opera, Galeon and Internet Explorer for Mac by the turn of the century.

They were then added to most Mozilla-based browsers, like Kazehakase, Epiphany and Mozilla Firefox.

As of 2007, they can now be used in most web browsers.

[edit] Usage

A "smart bookmark" in Galeon. You can enter a keyword in the bookmarks input-box to submit that content as part of any URL

In Epiphany, Smart Bookmarks appear in a dropdown menu when entering text in the address bar. By selecting a Smart Bookmark the respective web site is accessed using the text as argument. Smart Bookmarks can also be added to the toolbar, together with their own textbox.

The same applies to Galeon, which also allows the user to collapse and expand the textboxes within the toolbar. In Kazehakase queries can be formulated either with a simple argument, or more flexibly using regular expressions.

Smart Bookmarks can also be shared, and there is a collection of them at the web site of the Galeon project.

[edit] Konqueror

Konqueror uses a seperate "Search"-box for smart bookmarks. You can add as many smart bookmarks you like to it's searchbox.

Smart bookmarks in konqueror 3.png

[edit] See also

  • Bookmarklets, making it possible to use javascript with smart bookmarks

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