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ScribeFire (also known as "Performancing") is a Mozilla Firefox blog posting application browser extention for easy blog-posting.

[edit] Features

It has a What You See is What You Get GUI editor which is quite fancy. ScribeFire also supports uploading images to your blog using FTP or the blogs XMLRPC API - if it has one.

It's just a browser extention, but it's overall more fancy and advanced that any of the stand-alone blogging clients available. It reads the blogs categories, and let's you choose categories to post to. It also supports Technorati tags.

[edit] Serious bugs

If you have more than one blog at a WordPress MU website then ScribeFire will get very confused and show the categories from the first blog the username has on all your blogs. This makes it utterly useless if you have something like 5 blogs with completely different categories on such a site.

[edit] In bullet summary

ScribeFire is probably the best blog posting application available today. The only downside is that it only works in Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*, which means that you'll have to start that slow and crappy bloated browser to blog. It's not very good for very quick posting, but it's great for quickly posting to multiple blogs.

Image uploading support and a great WYSIWYG editor makes this a must-have Firefox extention - that is, if you like the pile-o-spyware bloat called Firefox..

Application Type Editor Image uploading
ScribeFire Firefox extention WYSIWYG Yes
Drivel GNOME no no
JBlogEditor Java  ?  ?
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