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OpenOffice is a high-advanced, feature-rich, Open Source, community-developed, multi-platform office productivity suite available for Windows, Linux and PPC.

[edit] Why you should try OpenOffice

The office suites comes with the basic office desktop applications like a user-friendly word processor, complete spreadsheet, a presentation manager, a formula editor and simple drawing program.

The developers aims to give OpenOffice a clean, simple and user-friendly interface and a complete feature-set like those available on other common office suits.

OpenOffice uses a open, well-documented formats to save your files. This format can be opened by a great abundance of Open Source programs, many highly specialized for completely different uses like the Web Content Management System (CMS) Typo3.

OpenOffice can also almost loss-less import and export a huge variety of closed, un-documented file-formats including Microsoft Office.

[edit] Known bugs and issues

The KDE clipboard tool klipper is totally broken together with OpenOffice and should be exited before using the various parts of the suite, specially if you use the oocalc spreadsheet.

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