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Microsoft Office 2003 is a propietary office suite.

[edit] GNU compatible

MS Office 2003 works great under WINE 1.1.13.

[edit] Office 2003 vs Office 2000

It should be mentioned that the older Office 2000 Pro did NOT work at all under WINE even though this version is older and therefore should be more compatible.

The "purchased" from TPB Office 2k copy in question REFUSED to accept the "valid" license provided in the .txt file included in the .torrent. It appeared that the key was accepted by Office 2k but not stored in the registry due to WINE DDL confusion.

[edit] Not free

It must be mentioned, once again, that Office is propietary software. It is not free software. The only thing that is worse than a pirated Office copy is a valid paidfor Office copy.

Consider using free software office suits such as OpenOffice instead.

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