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Mandriva Linux (Formerly known as "Mandrake") is a GNU/Linux distribution known for it's requirement to join a club in order to get "exclusive access" download it.

[edit] The problem with their story.. that almost all variants of The GNU Operating System can be downloaded for free off any University's ftp site.

When you sign up to their mailing list and get these mail on a regular basis:

"As a Christmas present Mandriva would like to offer you three free months of Mandriva Club membership! (available for the yearly payment).

From Monday, December 19th to Thursday December 25th you can benefit from a special 25% discount - just like receiving the first three months free on the annual Club membership fee at Standard, Silver or Gold level."

Look, you get discount, Club membership (hurray), and buy now, because this is a limited offer. The problem with this story is that Linux is maintained by dozens of people, and these people write code all the time. These updates are made available for free to Gentoo Linux users, Fedora Core users, and so on. Thus; Mandriva Linux is the only distribution where you have to pay to be able to keep your OS up-to-date. This is a total outrage.

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