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LMDE is a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution meant to be very userfriendly. It is, in reality, no so friendly under the surface.


[edit] Lack of configuration options

Do you have two screens you want to configure? Or two soundcards (like internal audio and HDMI on your graphics card)? Your configuration options are poor.

[edit] Dual monitor setup

LMDE Xfce edition uses xfce4-display-settings to setup the montiors and this program is pure junk. It only lets you setup your screens in clone mode. If have to configure your X11 settings manually in order to get a functioning dual screen setup.

[edit] Pulseaudio

Install pavucontrol to configure your audio settings using a GUI.

Shell command:
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

[edit] Tips

LMDE does not install a working clipboard manager. parcellite is the obvious choice.

Shell command:
sudo apt-get install parcellite
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