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Developed byKopete developers
Latest release0.12.7 / October 16, 2007
TypeInstant messaging client

Kopete is a multi-protocol, free software instant messaging client. Although it can run in numerous environments, it was designed for and integrates with the KDE desktop environment. According to the Kopete FAQ, the name Kopete comes from the Chilean word Copete, a word to refer to alcoholic drinks.


[edit] Protocols

Kopete allows users to connect to the following protocols:

[edit] Features

  • Grouping messages within a window, with tabs for easy switching of conversations.
  • Accounts option allows user to log on with multiple accounts.
  • Ability to define/handle multiple accounts of the same transport (i.e. 3 of ICQ and 2 of Jabber) at the same time.
  • Alias nicknames for contacts.
  • Grouping different contacts who are really the same person as one meta contact. [1]
  • Custom notifications for meta contacts. [2]
  • KAddressBook and KMail integration.
  • Logging conversations supported using the History plugin.
  • Style chat window appearance via XSL and CSS.
  • Custom emoticons supported.
  • Custom notification feature pops up a notification, plays a sound, or sends contact a message based on contact's status changes.
  • MSN and Yahoo! messenger webcam support.
  • Spell checking on-the-fly in chats.

[edit] Plugins

By default, Kopete supports the following plugins. [3]

  • Auto Replace
  • Connection Status
  • Contact Notes
  • Cryptography
  • Highlight
  • History
  • KopeteTeX
  • Motion Auto-Away
  • Now Listening
  • Statistics
  • Text Effect
  • Translator
  • Web Presence

[edit] Roadmap

Kopete developers hope to make several improvements, but these goals are subject to change.[1]

[edit] KDE 4.1

For the release of KDE 4.1 Kopete will have many improvements

  • Strigi integration: Kopete will take advantage of Strigi for history search
  • Kross integration: Kross will enable developers to write plugins in scripting languages supported by Kross
  • Improved interface: Improvements to the contact window and general UI, with respecting the KDE Human Interface Guidelines more

[edit] KDE 4.2

  • Guest mode: Allows other users to login to other accounts without bloating the user settings, described as a sandbox mode
  • Full integration of Telepathy/Decibel: This will have two goals, one is to make the protocols already in Kopete available as telepathy Connection managers. The other is to separate the protocols and the application (similar to what Pidgin has done)

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