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The kdegames package is a bundle of games written using the K Desktop Environment libraries which is shipped together with KDE. Some distributions offer seperate packages for each of the games categories included in this package, mostly splitt into kdegames-arcade, kdegames-board, kdegames-tactic and kdegames-card.


[edit] List of software

[edit] Card games

[edit] kdegames-arcade

[edit] kdegames-board

[edit] kdegames-tactic

  • KAtomic - A clone of the early 1990s commercial game Atomix
  • KJumpingCube - A board game where you make boxes change color and try to succeed in taking over the board.
  • KLines - Put at least five balls of the same color in one line
  • Klickety - Klickety is an adaptation of clickomania to KDE, similar to KSameGame
  • Konquest - Galactical Konquest!
  • KSameGame - A wall of balls that need to be deleted.
  • KSokoban - Sokoban!

[edit] More information

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