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K Desktop Environment v4
A screenshot of KDE 3.5 running the Kontact personal information manager and Konqueror file manager
Developed byThe KDE Team
Latest releaseAlpha 2 / 2007-07-04
TypeDesktop environment
LicenseGNU General Public License and others
A screenshot of KDE 4 Alpha1. The interface may change as new features are implemented.

KDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment software. A release date has been scheduled for 23 October 2007.[1]

KDE 4 will include major backend updates, including a port to Qt 4, which will result in an expected 20–30% performance increase over KDE 3.5.x versions.[2] It will contain a new multimedia API, called Phonon, a device integration framework called Solid and a new style guide and default icon set called Oxygen. It will also include the new desktop and panel user interface tool, called Plasma, which will also include support for desktop widgets, similar to SuperKaramba or Apple's Dashboard widgets. The port to Qt 4 will facilitate support for non-X11-based platforms, including Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


[edit] New look

Kpat compare.png

This is how the kde game KPat looks in KDE 3 and KDE 4.

[edit] Current Status

On May 11 2007, KDE 4.0 Alpha 1 was released. [1]

Highlights of KDE 4.0 Alpha1 are:

  • A new visual appearance through Oxygen icons
  • New frameworks to build applications with, providing vastly improved hardware and multimedia integration (through Solid and Phonon, spelling and grammar checking, to name just a few)
  • New applications that focus on a smooth user experience, such as Dolphin, the file manager, and Okular, the document viewer

KDE 4.0 Alpha1 marks the end of the addition of large features to the KDE base libraries and shifts the focus onto integrating those new technologies into applications and the basic desktop. The next few months will be spent on bringing the desktop into shape after two years of frenzied development leaving very little untouched.

On July 4 2007, KDE 4.0 Alpha 2 was released. [2]

Highlights of KDE 4.0 Alpha2 are:

  • Continued efforts on stabilizing KDE
  • Improving functionality

[edit] Release Schedule

From this date forward, no new KDE subsystem or major changes can be committed to kdelibs.

The kdelibs API is "soft-frozen", meaning that changes can be made but only with the consent of the core developers.

Alpha will be a source-only release without translations.

Trunk is frozen for feature commits. Internationalised string changes are allowed. A list of main modules that will be included in the final release will be made.

Alpha 2 is prepared and released after some initial testing. The incoming bugs will be reviewed for their severity. This release should be beta1 initially, but they decided to call it alpha2 instead because that fits the expectations of the public a little better considering what's in it. However after this release, a new Beta version will be released every month.

This is the very last date for committing anything that isn't reviewed on the development lists.

Targeted date for first release candidate. Only regressions (breakage caused by the KDE 4 port) or grave bugs can be fixed. Starting with this Release Candidate, a new Release Candidate will be put out every two weeks until the codebase is sufficiently stable and all showstopper bugs have been fixed.

[edit] Notes

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  2. Speed improvements expected in KDE 4. Retrieved on 2006-05-31.

[edit] External links

[edit] Download and try it out

[edit] Official KDE websites

  • TechBase - Information site for KDE, currently mostly developer information
  • Plasma - Desktop Interface project for KDE 4
  • Solid - Hardware project for KDE 4
  • Phonon - Open Source Multimedia project for KDE 4
  • Oxygen - Icon project for KDE 4
  • Decibel - Project providing a service architecture to make chat and phone communication universally available to desktop applications
  • List of links to articles about KDE 4 (sorted chronologically)

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