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This is a list of IPv6 ready IRC servers. You need to have IPv6 and a IPv6 ready IRC client to use these servers (yet another good reason Why you want IPv6).


[edit] IPv6 ready IRC servers

[edit] EFNet


Host: IP: Last Known State:
irc.choopa.org 2001:19f0::dead:beef:cafe Unresponsive 28-Jul-2015
irc.efnet.nl (I-line only) 2001:7b8:3:3f:201:2ff:fef6:574e I-Line Restriction 28-Jul-2015
efnet.port80.se 2001:16d8:26:: Good 28-Jul-2015
irc.ptptech.com 2001:668:101:10:230:5ff:fe0b:1f85 Server Not Known 28-Jul-2015
efnet.ipv6.xs4all.nl 2001:888:0:2::2 "Host is down" 28-Jul-2015
irc.ipv6.inter.net.il 2001:40a8:3000:1:0:dead:babe:cafe Server Not Known 28-Jul-2015
irc.ac.za 2001:4200:fffe:0:204:23ff:feb4:1d96 Unresponsive 28-Jul-2015
irc.ipv6.homelien.no 2001:840::1000 Good 28-Jul-2015

[edit] AfterNET


Host: IP:
irc.afternet.org Random server.

[edit] BeatMix

Host: IP:
irc6.beatmix.org 2001:618:400:39d1::1
irc6.vicci.nl 2a01:b0:1101::5
chat6.beatmix.org (Random BeatMix Server)

[edit] ChatLounge

ChatLounge Servers

Note: Every server supports IPv6.

Round-robin Hostname:
Hostname: IP:
altamaha.ga.us.chatlounge.net 2604:180:0:81:1337:1337:1337:1337
chupacabra.ca.us.chatlounge.net 2604:180:3:2e8:1337:1337:1337:1337
medusa.nl.eu.chatlounge.net 2a00:d880:5:47:1337:1337:1337:1337
succubus.il.us.chatlounge.net 2001:19f0:5c00:8e61:0:1337:1337:1337
vampire.ny.us.chatlounge.net 2604:a880:800:10::197f:3001
werewolf.uk.eu.chatlounge.net 2001:19f0:7401:8561:1337:1337:1337:1337
wraith.wa.us.chatlounge.net 2604:180:1:c9:1337:1337:1337:1337

[edit] Chatsociety


Host: IP:
irc.chatsociety.net 2a01:60:45:1000::304

[edit] ChatX


Host: IP:
irc6.chatx.net Random server.
hollywood.ca.us.chatx.net 2607:f358:1:fed5:22:ff17:18ed:d763
bliss.chatx.net 2a00:dcc0:eda:88:245:71:6f2f:6ed1

[edit] Cheazey IRC Network


Host: IP:
quinto.cheazey.net:+7000 2001:470:1f1b:712::1:1 (Secure connections only)

[edit] Come-to-Chat


Host: IP:
insomnia.come-to-chat.com 2001:5c0:80a4:1::1
xcrement.come-to-chat.com 2001:5c0:9b3e:1::1

(Also irc.come-to-chat.com and irc.ipv6.come-to-chat.come round robins)

[edit] DataChat


Host: IP:
v6.datachat.hu 3ffe:2c03:90:ffff::14:2

[edit] DALNet.RU


Host: IP:
irc.yakimanka.net 2a00:14d0:0:60::1
irc.san.ru 2a00:1e88:8:800::15

[edit] Local.NET


Host: IP:
irc.kurgan-telecom.ru 2001:470:1f09:11bc::2
irc.ksstelecom.ru 2001:470:1f13:239::2

[edit] FlexNet


Host: IP:
irc6.de.flexnet.org 3ffe:b80:2:a5ee::2
irc6.nl.flexnet.org 2001:6e0:202:1026::6667
irc6.ca.flexnet.org 3ffe:b80:1fb3:3::11

[edit] Freenode


Host: IP:
irc.ipv6.freenode.net (Random Server)

[edit] GDChat


Host: IP:
uk.GDChat.Org 2001:630:1c0::a

[edit] IrcCity.Ru


Host: IP:
irc.irccity.ru 2a01:4f8:130:13e1::2
irc.chaters.ru 2a01:4f8:130:13e1::2

[edit] IRC/Chatters


Host: IP:
irc6.irc-chatters.net 2001:960:766::6667

[edit] IRCLine.RU


Host: IP:
ipv6.ircline.ru 2a01:230:2:6::1363

[edit] IRCnet

   si ma non vanno


Host:                                    IP:  biìì
eu.irc6.net                              2001:4c40:1::6667
irc6.datanet.ee                          2001:ad0::6666
irc6.estpak.ee                           2001:7d0::6666
irc6.starman.ee                          2001:1bf0:2::6666
linz.irc.at                              2001:6e0:208:0:204:76ff:fe23:2024
irc6.kyoto.wide.ad.jp (.jp)              2001:200:0:c00::6667 
irc6.edisontel.it                        2001:750:2:0:202:a5ff:fef0:aac7
irc6.ngnet.it                            2001:6b8:0:700::1
irc.song.fi (.fi)                        2001:6e8::1
irc.powertech.no (.no)                   2001:840::1001
irc.ipv6.cesnet.cz (.cz & .sk)           2001:718:1:1:203:47ff:fe71:9eaa
irc.cc.tut.fi (.fi)                      2001:708:310:4952:4320:5365:7276:6572
irc6.seed.net.tw (temp down) (.tw)       2001:cd8:3002:0:2e0:18ff:fe00:4d35
irc.uni-erlangen.de (.de)                2001:638:a00:2::53
krakow6.irc.pl                           3FFE:8010:AF:0:0:0:0:2
krakow6.irc.pl                           3FFE:8320:2:1A:0:0:0:666
irc.ipv6.oamk.fi (.fi)                   2001:708:510:31:203:baff:fe06:2fb2
ipv6.irc.hu (.hu)                        3ffe:2c03:d0::1
irc.ipv6.xs4all.nl (.nl)                 2001:888:0:2::6667
irc.ipv6.realroot.be                     2001:1598:1:6667:a00:20ff:fec0:47a6
irc.wanadoo.be                           3ffe:8100:200:1fff::16
irc6.atw-inter.net                       2a01:270:0:6668::2

[edit] Ircweb

This chat server provides city and state chat rooms in India . Other type of channels or rooms on various topics are also supported.


Host:                                    IP:
irc6.ircweb.in                           2607:fcd0:100:1901::0003

[edit] Krikket


Host:                                    IP:
irc.da4.org                              Random ipv4 and ipv6 server
ipv6.da4.org                             2001:4830:1212::9 (ipv6 only)

[edit] k0nslIRC

"a fly speck on the interwebz..."

A webIRC client is available on the following addresses:


Main IRC servers:

Host:                                    IP:
irc.k0nsl.org                            Random IRC server round-robin
lindholm.k0nsl.org                       2a02:7aa0:1619::3543:d5f1

[edit] NiX


Host:                                    IP:
irc.nix.co.il                            2a01:7e00::13:5555
web.nix.co.il (SSL port +9999)           2a01:7e00::13:5500

[edit] Paradise


Host: IP:
irc6.parad1se.net Random ipv6 server.
illicit.parad1se.net 2001:618:400:ab0:250:fcff:feb4:5b14
collateral.parad1se.net 2001:618:400:178e::4

[edit] Rizon


Host: IP:
irc.cccp-project.net 2607:f128:40:501:dead:beef:cafe:cccc
irc6.lolipower.org 2a01:e0b:1000:26:120:121:b00b:face
irc.exopowered.com 2a01:4f8:160:3301::6667
irc.uworld.se 2a00:1a28:1100:2::6667

[edit] RusNet


 * irc6.tambov.ru
 * irc6.seb.org.ua

(Until all servers have upgraded to a new IRCd version, users with no IPv6 rDNS set up will be "Killed: Bad hostmask".)

[edit] Snoonet

A full list of Snoonet servers can be found here. The non-SSL port is 6667, SSL port is 6697

Host:                                    IP:
irc.snoonet.org                          IPV4 & 6 Round Robin
ipv6-irc.snoonet.org                     IPV6 only Round Robin

[edit] OFTC

The Open and Free Technology Community story regarding IPv6 is that you should connect to irc6.oftc.net. This is currently a CNAME for irc6.geo.oftc.net. (The hostnames previous given to specific servers, i.e. plasma.oftc.net, have been removed by the OFTC corporate and you now have to choose server by IP or use irc6.oftc.net and connect to a random server)

Host: IP:
irc6.oftc.net Random server.
x 2001:858:10f:1::1
x 2001:780:0:1c:42:42:42:42
x 2001:968:1::6666

[edit] WirelessPT

WirelessPT english

WirelessPT português

Host:                           IP:                           TLS Port:
irc.ipv6.wirelesspt.net      2001:41d0:52:cff::1fb         6697

[edit] WoWIRC


Host: IP:
ipv6.wowirc.com 2001:1868:2000::cafe

[edit] Very dead previously IPv6-ready IRC services

[edit] RedeBrasilIRC

RedeBrailIRC (irc.redebrasilirc.org) was a interesting IRC network with IPv6 support through freenet6.net which mysteriously disappeared sometime late 2006. Where oh where did this IRC network go? Nobody but nobody is talking. The domains has expired, it is now free, you can go grab it and start the most subversice IRC service for Brasil you can - and from that it follows that all services that were connected to it are gone forever. No IPv4 IRC service, no IPv6 IRC service, no website, no nothing, it's just gone.

[The network has been closed due some problems with the IRC Operators that were being unfriendly with the users.]

[edit] StarByte

StarByte (www.starbyte.net) was another IPv6-ready IRC network who eventually bit the dust. The domain is still valid, and will be until 01-aug-2007, but starbyte.net returns A recond, no AAAA record, the IRC servers it used to point to are gone, and the IRC network StarByte is falling rapidly down the memory hole.

[edit] HybNet

HybNet (hybnet.net) was a small IRC network which was run by a group of Norwegian geeks. The domain is now sedoparked at a one of those advertisement-only landing pages, and the IRC servers are dead.

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