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IPv6 gives you a huge address space and you can use anything from 0-f in eight notations. This allows IPv6-users do create creative IPv6 addresses who are among many viewed as IP pollution.


[edit] WHY would they do this?

A huge address space is obviously a good reasons Why you want IPv6, while using IRC with a IP pollution IP is .. a bad reason. But some people do.

When Rome was still a functioning republic, Roman judges would always ask the simple question:

Who benefitted from this crime?

When asking this simple question, we see:

  • Want-to-be 1337 teens want to look cool and therefore use IP pollution IPs: They benefit by getting dozens and dozens of n00b fans. Apart from that? Who knows.

It must also be noted that if you have a /48, which was very easy to get (lots of) once upon a time, you're provided with:


...where Y are parts of the IP that's given to you while X are parts you can choose. If you only have a /64 then you've only got 4 blocks of 4 to decide:


Now, the obvious thing to do is to use :1::1.[1] But that's no fun. So people (those bastards?) IP-pollute.

[edit] Examples

Some examples of this are:

  • 2001:0DB8:0400:0a20:1337:b00b:babe:cafe
  •  :::dead:beef:cafe
  •  ::c0de:1337:6374:babe
  •  ::c01d:babe
  •  ::b:ea67
  •  ::caba:cafe
  •  ::c01d:f00d:cafe
  •  ::bad:a55:dad

(Advanced examples may require l33t-sp33k skills[2])

[edit] beef:cafe

The beef:cafe is highly recommended by the BT exact IPv6 Tunnel Broker in their howto[3].

[edit] References

  1. TDOI: IP & DNS Pollution
  2. A parent's primer to computer slang
  3. BT Exact Howto


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