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Internet Explorer version 6 running on Linux using Wine

IEs4Linux is a installation tool for installing Internet Explorer version 5, 5.5 and 6 on Linux-systems.[1] It downloads and installs the files needed to run IE using the Wine Windows emulator and creates simple startup-scripts called 'ie5', 'ie55' and 'ie6'.


[edit] Installation

Installation is very easy - if you already have Wine installed on your system. Simply download the latest script, unpack the archive and run it. Volla, you've got IE installed about 1 minute later.

[edit] Features

IEs4Linux can optionally install Adobe Flash Player version 9. Version 7 is the one commonly used with most Linux-browsers.

IEs4Linux also creates seperate home-folders for Wine in .ies4linux. It does make a link which gives Wine access to your entire root folder in each of the Wine-homes, so you may want to take a look at .ies4linux/ie*/dosdevices/ and change the created z: drive to point to a folder such as ~$HOME/Windows instead (There may be reasons why you would want Internet Explorer to access your entire filesystem, but there are more good reasons to restrict it and then manually move files you need it to access to/from a folder dedicated to Windows).

[edit] Performance

Wine runs IE just as fast as any other browser you may have installed on your system. The rendering is slightly delayed when scrolling web-pages, which is because of the indirect rendering (Which goes through

[edit] Why install IE

While you likely prefer any other browser over IE, you may find it very handy to have it installed. IE allows you to visit all those sites who will not let you in if you are not using IE. Further, webdesigners really should have a look at their sites in IE in order to verify if they look alright in that browser or not. IEs4Linux being able to install IE 5, 5.5 and 6 makes it ideal for such purposes since it easily allows you to check how a site looks in all the available versions of IE.

[edit] IE 7

IEs4Linux does not install Internet Explorer version 7 by default as of IEs4Linux 2.5beta3, and it is not listed in the installers options.

However, the latest can install IE 7 using the slightly hidden command-line switch --beta-install-ie7:

./ies4linux --beta-install-ie7

Note: It doesn't list IE 7 as an alternative when using this command-line switch, only IE 6but it does install IE 7 when using it.

[edit] Known issues

The location-bar will only show a h on Wine versions >0.9.40. This can be fixed by setting the Windows-version to Win2K or NT using winecfg,

WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg

(Note WINEPREFIX, ies4linux installs seperate Wine configurations for each IE you install, it does not use the standard settings location in ~/.wine)

[edit] https

https' links started working around WINE v0.9.42 if the following setting is applied:


[edit] References

  1. ies4linux homepage
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