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Hrktorrent is a CLI BitTorrent client based on rasterbar's libtorrent.

Hrktorrent output when run without any parameters is this:

hrktorrent 0.3.5 by hrkfdn (hrkfdn A T gmail D O T com) and other contributors
usage: hrktorrent [options] torrent-file
NOTE: options provided by the commandline override configuration file entries!

        --minport               - start port range (default: 6881)
        --maxport               - end port range (default: 6999)
        --maxdown               - download speed limit (in kb/s) (default: unlimited)
        --maxup                 - upload speed limit (in kb/s) (default: unlimited)
        --nodht                 - disable dht (default: on)
        --noupnp                        - disable upnp (default: on)
        --noseed                - disable seeding (default: on)
        --forcereannounce       - reannounce every X minutes (default: 2)
        --downloaddir   - set the target directory (default: .)
        --ipfilter              - enable ip filtering (default: off)

        --verbose               - print verbose messages (default: off)

example: hrktorrent --minport6500 --maxport6600 --nodht file.torrent

All you get when you start downloading is this:

 $ hrktorrent torrent.torrent
Initializing hrktorrent 0.3.5
[Settings] Could not load config file. Will use default values.
[Core] Verbose enabled.
[Core] Starting torrent session!
[Settings] Unable to load ip filter from file. Aborting.
[Core] Starting DHT.
[DHT] Could not load the nodefile.
"CTRL-C" shuts hrktorrent down.

ps: 123, dht: 51 <> dl: 245.83kb/s, ul: 20.16kb/s <> dld: 3mb, uld: 0mb, size: 174mb <> eta: 11m 52s

No ncurses fun, no nothing, it just uploads and downloads bits and pieces. It's fairly efficient and pushes quite fast.

rTorrent is a much better choice if you want a CLI BitTorrent client.


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