HOWTO download pictures of random hot blond chicks from Norway

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[edit] The Script

  1. Make a blank text-file named blink-forge and make it executable: chomd a+x blink-forge
  2. Run the script
  3. The folder the script is run in will be filled with pictures of cute hot chicks from Norway.
  4. Enjoy the pictures in the image-viewer you prefer.
File: blink-forge
# Blink is a portal where sexy stupid blond (and other) girls upload their photos.
# You can (ab)use this script to get pictures of random babes from
# Norway.
# This script is Copyright GNU Copyleft.
# You may run the script like this:
# while true; do blink-forge ; sleep 3m ; done
# This will download new pictures of hot blond babes from Norway
# every 3 minutes.
# Used settings are +1 of these numbers. You probably want hot babes
# who are between 18 and 30.

echo " :-) Have a nice day!! Linux p0wah!!"

wget -q

tr -cd '\11\40\15-\176' <latest_files.html|
sed -e 's#<br />##g' -e 's#rowspan=2 valign=top#\n#g' -e 's#/table>#\n#g' |
grep '&url=' |while read f;do
  getAge=$(echo $f|cut -f 32 -d '>'|cut -f 1 -d '<')
  # We don't want no small bitches, only <=18 to >=35 year old babes.
if [ ! $getAge -le $AgeMinimum ] && [ $getAge -le $AgeMaximum ]; then
  # We don't want no pictures of ugly men, only babes.
  if echo $f|grep -q hun-liten.gif;then
     getFile=$(echo $f|cut -f 6 -d '>'|cut -f 4 -d '='|cut -f 1 -d '"')
     getName=$(echo $getFile|cut -f 9 -d '/')
     getUser=$(echo $getFile|cut -f 8 -d '/')
     sortedChar=$(echo $getUser|cut -c 1)
     sortedName=$(echo $getUser|cut -c 1-2)
     userID=`echo $f|sed 's#user_id#\n\nxiando#g'|sed 's# class#\n#g'|grep 'xiando'| cut -f 2 -d '='`
       echo -n ":"
     if [ ! -f $getName ];then
       echo -n ". "
       wget -q $getFile
       echo -n $getName' -'$userID >> UsersList.txt
       echo ' - '$userID' - '$getUser', '$getAge >> UsersList.txt
       echo -n ":"
rm latest_files.html

This script downloads the pictures of hot chicks from Norway from the local dating service "Blink".

[edit] HOWTO know where the picture came from

grep picturename.jpg UsersList.txt

This will give you the URL to the hot babes user page so you can go there and download more pictures of the hot babe.

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