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Video streams over Internet generally uses the RTMP protocol. Technically, an RTMP stream consists of two pieces:

  • The application path (e.g. rtmp://
  • The stream identifier prefixed by an otional file type (e.g. mp4:folder/video.mp4)

The complete url is then rtmp://

If you don't know this url already, identify it by capturing the player loading with wireshark. We just need the first seconds of capture. Look for the application path in the field tcUrl of the connect() command during handshake (e.g. RTMP connect(...) > RTMP Body > Object > Property tcUrl). Then look for the stream id in command play() a few frames further (e.g. RTMP play(...) > RTMP Body > String mp4:folder/video.mp4).

Then concat both to get the complete URL rtmp:// adn download it with your favorite RTMP donwload, for instance mplayer.

[edit] Using MPlayer

mplayer -dumpstream <rtmp url> -dumpfile videofile.rm

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