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Swf2avi by Rick Harris is a nice shell script and the only flashplayer (.swf) to .avi converter afaik and is thus the best flash to avi converter available.


[edit] Requirements

Note: The script does not mention that you need avidemux; but indeed you do need it to get sound.

[edit] Esound without alsa

The script requires esound - which does not work on many system (including mine) when compiled with alsa-support. Compile with ./configure --disable-alsa or USE="-alsa" on Gentoo.

[edit] Gentoo users

You highly likely already have the following packages installed:

  • emerge xorg-x11 esound

But perhaps not:

  • emerge netscape-flash wmctrl xautomation xvidcap swftools ffmpeg wavsplit avidemux

[edit] The script

Download: Swf2avi-0.4.sh

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