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Mozilla Firefox used to be a great web browser. It's gone downhill from version 4. Here are some tricks to make the horrible new changes made by the stupid poor-website-design spirit developers more bearable.


[edit] Actually show the protocol in the address bar

Go to about:config and add a new boolean named browser.urlbar.trimURLs and set it to true.

This setting is not present in Icecat, and adding it has no effect. This is because Icecat is a version of Firefox with more bugs.

[edit] Extentions you probably want to install

  • Live http headers
    • Webservers deliver more than just the web page asked for when a web browser (or other application) delivers a web-page. Live http headers is a great plug-in which makes the headers visible in Firefox in a variety of ways. This is specially handy if you are setting up a hidden Tor service and want to know just how much information the web-server actually gives a visitor about it's configuration (and other bits of information you may want to hide if the goal of running a hidden service is to keep the services location hidden)
  • SwitchProxy
    • Gives you a nice button where you can change proxy from the status-bar

[edit] Firefox extentions who do basically the same job as Privoxy

These plugins will basically do the same thing as Privoxy, but you do get DNS leaks when using Firefox to browse via Tor without Privoxy.

[edit] Configuration Tweaks

You can change a few of the settings available to you as a Firefox user in the menu Edit -> Preferences.

However, there are more settings available to you as a Firefox user than what means the eye in the graphical interface.

Enter about:config in the navigation (adress) bar. You will find that there is a huge amount of settings beyond those available in the graphical interface.

[edit] Configuration tweaks for Tor users

These are good settings if you use Firefox to browse the Tor network using Privoxy (They are good settings for non-Tor users too)


(300ms default is OK usually, but 600 is better.)


(The default network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy is 4)


(Default- false. Some old HTTP/1.0 servers can't handle it.)


(No default)


(Default- true, but double check)


(Default- false)

[edit] Firefox Tips

You can press Shift+Ctrl+Del to clear stored private data in Firefox:

Firefox clear-private-info.jpg

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