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FUDCon is a Fedora Users and Developers Conference. The next conference will be Friday, February 2nd, 2007 at Boston University, Boston MA, USA.

Greg DeKoenigsberg (Fedora Project Ambassador) story regarding this event is this:

On Friday, February 2nd, Fedora enthusiasts will gather at Boston University for the annual appearance of the world-famous groundhog Fedora Phil. According to legend, if Fedora Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of Fedora test releases.

OK, so there's no groundhog. But there's no place like FUDCon to meet and greet the luminaries of the Fedora community.

This year's FUDCon Boston will be a little bit different. We'll be following the BarCamp model. A BarCamp is basically an "un-conference"; rather than have a bunch of canned tracks, the goal is to get a bunch of interesting people together to discuss whatever they are passionate about. Everyone gets together in the morning and pitches their own sessions. If it's about Fedora, great. If it has nothing to do with Fedora, that's great too. (Juggling is a popular session at a lot of BarCamps.)

Rest assured, though: there will be lots of sessions about Fedora. If you want to learn more about Fedora, there's no better place on Earth to do it.

If you're interested, sign up early: space will be somewhat limited. Just go to the BarCamp wiki and add your name:


If you think you might be interested in running a session, put your session proposal on the wiki:


For those who are interested in deeper participation, we'll also be having a hackfest on Saturday and Sunday. If you'd like to participate, respond to me off-list for more information.

See you at FUDCon Boston 2007!


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