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Drivel is a nice blog posting application for GNOME with most of the basic blogging features which is well suited for people with basic knowledge of HTML and computers in general.


[edit] Why you'd want Drivel

Drivel allows you to quickly write a blog-post from your desktop, without using a web browser, and then post it to your blog. Quick and easy.

Drivel is not "What You See Is What You Get", it's a HTML editor with buttons which allow you to insert the HTML code for various text faces such as bold text, italic text, and so on, and list items, images and links. If you know your HTML tags then yes, that's just fine and perhaps preferred, but if you have absolutely know nothing about HTML markup and you prefer the "what you see is what your blog post will look like" editors now used by blog software then you'll probably not like Drivel. If you're some guy who wants to blog about your latest C++ program then Drivel is likely for you, if you're 17 years old and want to blog makeup then no, you're not going to like it at all.

[edit] Features


[edit] Supported blog software

Drivel supports:

  • XML-RPC-compatible blogs (MovableType, WordPress, Drupal)
  • LiveJournal
  • Blogger
  • Advogato
  • Atom journals

[edit] Editing and posting

The editor, as already mentioned, allows you to write your own tags - but doesn't allow you to preview how your blog post will actually look. It does highlighting, which doesn't mean more than that it shows you what part of the text are tags.


It can read the categories you've got on your blog and allows you to choose one category to post to (if you want to post to multiple categories then no, you can't).

It can also read a list of your latest posts and lets you manage them, you and both edit and delete old blog entries.

[edit] Limitations

You can't upload images, if you want to include pictures, MP3 files, video or anything except text for that matter in your post then you have to upload it somewhere first or hotlink it. Drivel has a button for including images which generates the correct tags for you.

[edit] In bullet summary, we know...

  • Drivel is great if you know HTML and want to write quick blog posts about random things. It starts quickly, and takes about 16 MB RAM resident, so you can leave it open. This makes it very easy to immediately share important revolations if you say, suddenly realize the meaning of life and figure that you'd best share it with the world before you forget it and thereby set back human spiritual revolutions by several decades.
  • It's not great if you don't have any idea what a HTML tag is and you want to keep it that way.

[edit] Official Story

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