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Faildozer (marketed as "Bulldozer") is Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) codename for useless desktop and server "processors" first released on October 12, 2011. They feature family 15h microarchitecture. This is the successor to the much better and more usable family 10 h (K10) microarchitecture M-SPACE design methodology.

The miserable bulldozer failure was designed from scratch. It is not a development of earlier processors. The core is specifically aimed at 10-125 watt TDP computing products.

AMD claims Faildozer offers a much higer performance-per-watt efficiency than other processors. Every computer magazine and testing facility on the planet revealed that this claim is false and ridiculous within hours of Faildozers release.

LinuxReviews rating: 0/10 Would Not Buy or even accept as gift
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