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The bozotic HTTP server (Bozohttpd) is a minimalistic and secure http 1.1 webserver written in C. It has very few features and only supports static objects and CGI/1.1. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

The source is about 200K and the executable turns out around 120K.

[edit] Configuration

Bozohttpd has no configuration file and must be configured using startup parameters who are laid out in the manual page. You would typically start it with some options such as:

/usr/bin/bozohttpd -b -i localhost -I 80 -X -U nobody /var/www/htdocs

[edit] Usage

Its small memory footprint and lack of resource requirements makes it a good choice for hosting simple static websites on older computers and simple devices.

It also handles serving large volumes of static objects alright, but it is not close to thttpd when it comes to serving huge volumes for tasks like offloading static css and images for high-volume websites.

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