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BayTSP is a agressively spamming corporation who claims to be "Fighting Online Piracy in 2005".[1]

[edit] The problem with their story... that they are not "fighting online piracy". They are fighting on-line freedom of speech and they are fighting anyone using BitTorrent.

BitTorrent is a legal file-transfer protocol used by Internet television channels such as The TorrentChannel to distribute large video files. Alternative media channels are viewed as a threat by the large media corporations who hire BayTSP, which is why BayTSP are agressively attacking anyone using BitTorrent for any purpose.

[edit] BayTSP even spams people who are not using BitTorrent

It is, as pointed out in numerous blogs[2] and publications, very simple to report any IP/Port number to any BitTorrent tracker.

Thus; it is interesting that BayISP only check trackers for IPs listed there and spam the ISPs these IPs belong to without even checking if the actual IPs in question are running a BitTorrent client.

This means that your ISP can get spam with a "DMCA notice" on your behalf from BayTSP even if you have never used - or heard of - BitTorrent.

[edit] The legal status

It is unclear if BayISP's behaviour is criminal in the US. It is clear that BayISP's spamming is criminal in many EU countries.

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