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Arora 0.4 slashdot.jpg
Arora showing the Wikipedia homepage
Developed by[1]
Latest release0.4
Written inC++
OSCross-platform, QT4
Available inEnglish
TypeWeb browser
LicenseGNU General Public License

Arora is a cross-platform free software web browser using the WebKit rendering engine to draw web content. It is built on top of version 4 of the Qt. It has a very a minimalistic and lightweight interface, tab management, simple history and bookmarks system and global user CSS.


[edit] History

The original codebase was written for Trolltech by Benjamin C Meyer ("icefox"), a Qt developer.

It was released as the Qt Demo Browser as part of Qt 4.4.0, demonstrating the capabilities of the then-new Qt-WebKit integration. After the release, Meyer forked the code and continued working on it independently, under the name Arora.[1]

[edit] Proxy support

Arora can use a Socks5 or http proxy.

[edit] References

  1. Benjamin C Meyer (2008-04-28). Arora & QtWebKit Trunk. Retrieved on 2008-06-02.

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