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Any2dvd is a shell script which can create a DVD ISO image out of any mplayer-supported video file(s).

[edit] Known issues (<= 0.34)

Any2dvd assumes that mplayer implies -ao dummy when called with -vo dummy. This is not true on many systems (those using mplayer SVN).

Thus; you have to edit both any2dvd and the any2vob file which comes with it and search-and-replace -vo dummy with -ao dummy -vo dummy when you install (before using it).

It should also be mentioned that it has a check for

if [ "$TRANSCODE_VERSION" \> "1.0.2" ]; then

where it uses "--progress_meter 0" as a transcode argument instead of "--progress_off" if the version is newer than 1.0.2. This will cause Transcode 1.0.3 to exit since "--progress_meter 0" was actually introduced in Transcode v1.0.4. (Which means that you have to replace "1.0.2" with "1.0.3" in any2dvd or upgarde if you are using v1.0.3).

[edit] Usage

any2dvd -i /path/file1.avi /path/file2.mpg
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