2006-10-11: Linphone 1.5.0 is out

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Linphone's basic user-interface, from v1.1.0

Linphone[1] , a free SIP (IP-telephony) program version 1.5.0 is outwith a small set of new features:[2]

  • mpeg4 video codec support (using ffmpeg of course )
  • accurate bandwidth management
  • theora support compliant to xiph's draft about theora over RTP usage
  • splashscreen when no webcam detected
  • property box shows video codecs

The last release, v1.4.1, came in September[3] and had these improvements:

  • fix crash when trying to make two calls simultaneously (not supported)
  • fix crash when having no soundcard
  • use sdp b=AS attribute to indicate bandwidth limitations
  • do not allow window resizing
  • do not change mixer settings at startup

Linphone is rumored to have better sound quality than other SIP alternatives like Kphone. [4]

[edit] Links

  1. http://www.linphone.org/
  2. Linphone 1.5.0 is out
  3. Linphone-1.4.1 is out
  4. Voip-Info: "I have done some tests of linphone and kphone against asterisk voicemail."
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