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.mp4 files are typically used to store MPEG4 AVC video files with high quality audio. .mp4 is just a container format, it can hold content encoded in a variety of audio and video formats.

avidemux is the most user-friendly choice when you need to make .mp4 files.

[edit] Players

Xine, Gstreamer, VLC and Mplayer all play all .mp4 files.

[edit] HTML5

.mp4 files used on the web (as HTML5 video) should contain MPEG4 AVC video with AAC (faac) audio.

[edit] Recommended bitrates

The 720p x264 TV Releasing Standards specifies the following bitrates for MP4 x264 video:

  • 720p: Minimum 4000 kbit, maximum 8000 kbit. Minimum bitrate for animation is 2300 kbit.
  • 1080p: Minimum 8000 kbit, maximum 14000 kbit, though not more than source-2000kbit. Minimum bitrate for animation is 5000 kbit.
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